Green Chemistry Solutions by IBC

IBC has well-equipped laboratories to perform full evaluation and testing of samples as well as ongoing customer service and support. IBC’s facilities house a complete range of testing equipment and analytical instrumentation.

IBC Welcomes Customer Inquiries

We work with each customer to ensure timely, efficient and cost-effective implementation of IBC’s MRT™ products and processes. Please contact us with your inquiries.

Initial Consultation. Initial, non-laboratory, evaluation of information provided by the customer. Customer objectives are discussed and customer-provided data are thoroughly evaluated by IBC experts. The Initial Consultation provides IBC’s determination as to the applicability of MRT™ products and processes to meet the customer’s needs.

Laboratory Test Work is performed on the customer’s candidate solution by IBC to confirm the Initial Consultation.

Flowsheet for the selective separation of iridium from rhodium and base metals. ORP = oxidation-reduction potential. 
Source: Read our paper: Green Chemistry Approach to Platinum Group Metals Refining

Flowsheet Design is carried out, detailing each unit operation with inputs and outputs specified at each stage of operation.

Piloting, Basic Engineering and Installation are then performed in consultation with the customer

At Each Stage, Customer Service is Central to Everything We Do

For over 30 years, IBC has offered unparalleled expertise, know-how and knowledge to serve its customers from initial inquiry to full implementation of MRT™ products, processes and services in a wide range of markets and applications.