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Metal Recycling, Product Purification And Environmental Remediation Green Procedure for the Selective Recovery of Precious, Specialty, and Toxic Metals from Electronic Waste Izatt, N.E. et al. 2012. Electronics Green 2012+, Berlin, Germany, September 9-12

Recycling of spent electronic products (e-waste) Advantages of MRT™ as applied to separations of precious and other metals from e-waste Application of MRT™ to commercial separations of precious metals Processing of spent materials at SepraMet using MRT™ Metal recovery from e-wastes near the site of their generation using MRT™

Precious Metals: PGM, Gold, Silver Highly Selective Separation and Recovery at High Purity of Palladium at the Boliden Rönnskär Copper Smelter using Molecular Recognition Technology™ (MRT™) Izatt, S.R. et al. 2022. International Precious Metals Institute, 56th Annual Conference, Orlando, FL, June 11-14.

Green chemistry MRT™ process is described for selective palladium separation at the Boliden Rönnskär Copper Smelter Palladium recovery is 99.99% MRT™ process creates a green, sustainable, circular economy process for palladium recycling

Green Chemistry, Green Engineering, Circular Economy, Metal Sustainability, Economics Macrocyclic and Supramolecular Chemistry: How Izatt-Christensen Award Winners Shaped the Field Izatt, R.M. (Ed.) 2016 Macrocyclic and Supramolecular Chemistry: How Izatt-Christensen Award Winners Shaped the Field, Wiley, Oxford, U.K., pp.481

Book with chapters authored by winners of the InternationalIzatt-Christensen Award, 1991-2016 Chapter by Editor giving a 25-year history of the Award

Life Sciences: Enantiomer Separations, Brachytherapy Enantiomeric Recognition of Amine Compounds by Chiral Macrocyclic Receptors Zhang, X.X. et al. 1997 Chemical Reviews, 97, 3313-3361

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Life Sciences: Enantiomer Separations, Brachytherapy Nonchromatographic Solid-phase Purification of Enantiomers Izatt, N.E. et al. 2001 In Chiral Separation Techniques: A Practical Approach,” Subramanian, G., (Ed.) Wiley-VCH, New York, NY, Chapter 8, pp. 203-218.

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Life Sciences: Enantiomer Separations, Brachytherapy The Application of Molecular Recognition Technology (MRT) in the Nuclear Power Cycle: From Uranium Mining and Refining to Power Plant Waste Separation and Recovery, as well as Element Analysis and Isotope Purification Izatt, S.R. et al. 2009 WM (Waste Management) 2009 Conference, Phoenix, AZ, March 1-5

Highly selective isotope purification for brachytherapy: palladium-103

Life Sciences: Enantiomer Separations, Brachytherapy Green Chemistry Molecular Recognition Processes Applied to Metal Separations in Ore Beneficiation, Element Recycling, Metal Remediation, and Elemental Analysis Izatt R.M. et al.2017 In Beach, E.S., Kundu, S., (Eds.), Handbook of Green Chemistry Volume 10 – Tools for Green Chemistry. (Anastas, P.T., (Ed.). Handbook of Green Chemistry Series.) Wiley-VCH, Weinheim, Germany, pp. 189-240

Description of green chemistry MRT™ process Highly selective purification of palladium-103 for use in Brachytherapy

Analytical Analysis: Laboratory Sample Preparation Solid Phase Extraction of Ions of Analytical Interest Using Molecular Recognition Technology Izatt, R.M. et al. 1994 American Laboratory, 26, no. 18, 28c-28m

Highly selective separation of many impurities from various solutions for analytical determination: lead, strontium, mercury, silver, cadmium, cobalt, copper, manganese, zinc, chloride ion

Analytical Analysis: Laboratory Sample Preparation Metal-Ion Separations Using SuperLig® or AnaLig® Materials Encased in Empore Cartridges and Disks Goken, G.L. et al. 1999 In Metal-Ion Separation and Preconcentration; Progress and Opportunities; Bond, A.H., Dietz, M.L., Rogers, R.D. (Eds.), ACS Symposium Series 716, American Chemical Society, Washington, D.C., Chapter 17, pp 251-259

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Analytical Analysis: Laboratory Sample Preparation Contributions of Professor Reed M. Izatt to Molecular Recognition Technology: From Laboratory to Commercial Application Izatt, N.E. et al. 2000 Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, 39, 3405-3411

Highly selective Empore Rad Disk products, incorporating AnaLig®, for Sr and Ra analysis: Allows Sr determination in 6 steps and approximately 20 minutes compared to 56 steps and days by U.S.EPA Method 905 Chosen as an R&D Magazine 100 Award winner (1996) and as a Top 40 Award winner (1999) by the editors of R&D Mag. from those picked over the lifetime of the Awards (1963-1998) as those that have made the largest impact on society and technology. AnaLig® method is highly effective in separating a variety of metals including Cd, Cu, Pb, and others in pure form from complex matrices for subsequent analytical determination