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Solution Analysis: AnaLig®

AnaLig® products are small diameter solid phase particles (150 – 250 µm: 60 – 100 mesh) consisting of highly metal-selective ligands covalently bonded to solid supports such as silica gel or polymer substrates.

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AnaLig® Separation Techniques are Effective at Low Analyte Concentration Levels, even in the Presence of High Concentrations of Competing Species

AnaLig® products, usually in column format, are used to carry out highly selective separations on target species preparatory to analytical analysis of these species by ICP MS or other analytical instruments. AnaLig® products are effective in removing ions in complex feed solutions to mg/L to µg/L concentration levels.

AnaLig® products have

  • High metal selectivity even in the presence of high concentrations of competing species
  • No added  potential contaminants such as organic solvents
  • Selective removal to low concentrations of target species from feed solution
  • Rapid flow rates for large solution volumes
  • Rapid separation and process kinetics of hours compared to days using conventional methods
  • High reusability for multiple cycles without loss of analytical performance
  • Small eluate volumes with significant concentration of the eluted species
  • The ability to be incorporated as an on-line automated unit in flow sheets for analyses in commercial separation processes
  • Green chemistry features that insure an environmentally friendly process
  • Minimal carbon footprint and minimal waste generation