Green Chemistry Solutions by IBC

IBC constructs and supplies engineered MRT™ plants for its customers. MRT™ plants are based on IBC’s unique understanding of each customer’s needs.

MRT™ Plants are Engineered and Constructed to Meet Customer Needs

MRT™ plants are custom built to maximize financial return by incorporating the MRT™ plant seamlessly into each customer’s operational flow sheet. MRT™ plants are built to be compatible with each customer plant’s automation control system and their upstream and downstream processes.

MRT™ plants are skid mounted, consisting of:
  • Columns containing the designated SuperLig® resin
  • Valves, filters, pumps, flow transmitters/gauges, interconnection wiring, piping and automation
  • Plant-compatible materials of construction to ensure long life and minimal maintenance

MRT™ plants are modular for easy installation and expansion. They can be designed, constructed and automated for any size, concentration, and volume‐throughput requirement.