Periodic Table

MacroLig® Products Consist of a Range of Specialty Chemicals

Due to their unique properties, MacroLig® products are used in a wide variety of laboratory and industrial scale applications in, for example, the research, chemical, medical, pharmaceutical, catalysis and nuclear markets. Explore various types of Macrocycles and their applications across specific industries where they are employed.

Catalog Series
Application Industry
Crown Ethers 100 Series Phase transfer catalyst Pharmaceutical, Organic chemicals²
Crown Ethers 100 Series Organic synthesis¹ Pharmaceutical, Chemical
Calixarenes 200 Series Enzyme mimics, ion-selective electrodes, non-linear optics, radioisotopes Chemical, Analytical, Nuclear
Aza Crown Ethers 300, 500 Series MRI contrast agents Pharmaceutical, Diagnostics
Cryptands 400 Series Phase transfer catalyst Pharmaceutical, Organic chemicals²
Cryptands 400 Series Zintl ion (Sn₉²⁻⁾ crystallization Inorganic chemicals
¹change properties of inorganic solution
²alkalides and electrides

MacroLig® Products are Manufactured to Exacting Standards

IBC has state-of-the-art synthesis capabilities for producing high-purity specialty chemicals for industry from gram to multi-ton scale.

Specialty products and/or process-scale quantities are available after consultation with IBC personnel. All compounds are prepared to the highest quality standards, as determined by standard instrumental and elemental analyses. Prices and delivery times are available upon request.

IBC: Your Source for Exceptional, High Quality MacroLig® Products

  • Consistent batch-to-batch quality
  • High purities
  • Back-up technical support with full analytical capability
  • Rapid deliveries
  • Stable source of supply
  • Wide range of products, including cryptands
  • Long-term supply source:  manufacturing since 1988
  • Availability of custom macrocycles and large lot sizes