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Precious Metals: PGM, Gold, Silver Extraction and Recovery of Precious Metals from Plating Solutions Using Molecular Recognition Technology Ezawa, N. et al. 2000 Congress 2000-Materials for the 21st Century, Royal Agricultural College, Cirencester, Gloucestershire, UK, April 12-14, 2000. Transactions of the Institute of Metal Finishing, Vol. 78, Part 6, 238-242

Recovery of potassium gold cyanide (PGC) from gold plating rinsewater Recovery of palladium from palladium chloride dipping bath solution Impurity removal capabilities from precious metal finishing solutions: Immersion Gold: Ni, Cu Strong Acid Gold Electrolytes: (Au removal and purification) Weak Gold Electrolytes: Pb, Fe, Cu, Sn Neutral Gold Electrolytes: Ni, Fe, Cu Ruthenium Electrolytes: (Ni, Fe from chloride matrix, Ru(III))