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Copper Purification: Bismuth, Antimony Removal and Other Copper Industry Applications Metal Sustainability from a Manufacturing Perspective: Initiatives at ASARCO LLC Amarillo Copper Refinery Navarro, L..G. et al. 2016 in Metal Sustainability: Global Challenges, Consequences, and Prospects, Izatt, R.M. (Ed.), Wiley, Oxford, U.K., pp. 397-423.

- Description of process for producing refined copper
- Classical methods for copper electrolyte purification by bismuth removal with reasons for choice of MRT™ over other traditional methods
- MRT™ process for the highly selective separation and recovery of bismuth at high purity
- Advantages of MRT™ process for bismuth control: high selectivity and loading capacity for bismuth, rapid reaction kinetics, production of highly marketable bismuth bisulfate product, no wasteful discharge of bismuth to the environment, a small purification plant