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Copper Purification: Bismuth, Antimony Removal and Other Copper Industry Applications Extraction, Recovery, and Recycling of Metals from Effluents, Electrolytes, and Product Streams Using Molecular Recognition Technology Amos, G. et al. 2000 Plenary Lecture, V International Conference on Clean Technologies for the Mining Industry, Santiago, Chile, May 9-13, Environmental Improvements in Mineral Processing and Extractive Metallurgy, Vol. 2, Sánchez, M.A.; Vergara, F.; Castro, S.H., (Eds.), University of Concepción, Chile, pp. 1-16.

- Highly selective separation and recovery of gold from pregnant cyanide leach solution containing significant copper values
- Economics of MRT™ systems for gold and copper recovery feature simple process flowsheets, high target metal selectivity, and low consumption of operating chemicals
- Extraction and recovery of mercury from concentrated sulfuric acid at the Britannia Zinc refinery
- Copper electrolyte purification using MRT™
- Kvaerner effluent free refinery concept