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Rare Earth Elements (REE) Highly Selective Separations at High Purity and High Recovery of Individual Rare Earth Elements from Industrial Feedstocks using Molecular Recognition Technology™ (MRT™) Izatt, S.R. et al. 2022 In preparation

Highly selective laboratory-scale separations at high purity (99%+) and high recovery (99%+) of the 16 individual rare earth elements (REE excluding Pm) from a pregnant leach solution (PLS) derived from mined ore. Pilot plant results: 1) 99%+ of the REE were first separated as a group from accompanying impurity metals found in the PLS. 2) 99%+ of the scandium was then separated from this REE group, concentrated over 100-fold in the process, and recovered at high purity (99.9%+.) 3) The remaining REE group was separated into heavy and light REE fractions. 4) 99%+ of the dysprosium (Dy) was separated from the heavy REE fraction and recovered at 99.99% purity in ten stages, using the same MRT™ equipment. This is approximately 30-fold fewer stages than are required to reach this purity level for Dy using industrial solvent extraction (SX) processes, which require use of hundreds of mixer-settler stages. No mixer-settlers or organic solvents are used in MRT™ processes Highly selective separation and recovery rates (near 100%) at laboratory-scale of Nd and Dy from nitric acid leachate of spent high strength permanent magnets with high purity (99.9%+) of each REE High separation rates and high recovery rates at high purity make circular economies possible using green chemistry MRT™ processes that lead to individual REE sustainability Highly selective MRT™ processes have significantly lower estimated CAPEX and OPEX values compared to SX processes that are used in industrial REE separations and recovery